Jogo do Pau - Esgrima lusitana
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Jogo do pau is a portuguese fencing system that developed in real combat and self defense situations. The weapon used is a staff of 1,45m or traditionally, about the heigth of a man, preferably heavier on one of the extremities. More recently it is also practiced with a 80cm baton, that as a urban application nowadays.

pau de 150 cms do jogo do pau
(145cms wood staff)

bastao de jogo do pau
(80cms baton.)

Due to a high efficiency in real combat situation that derives from its evolution in that circumstances, jogo do pau its a great complement for self defense when you have a weapon of similar characteristics, as it allows a safe distance even against multiple opponents, and allows you to get out of very complicated situation.

On other site, it is also a very good physical exercise, working diverse parts of the body, always with a dynamism and distance notions characteristics of any martial arts that allows combat, being not only a physical but also a mental challenge since it requires strategic vision and creativity at high speed.

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